Vancouver to San Francisco Tour 2016 – A Cycle Tour by someone who’s never cycle toured before – Day 5 – Rain Forest Hostel, Forks to Lake Quinault, WA

Waking, I felt refreshed and ready. I had been given kitchen duty for my 15 minute morning chores which I was pretty happy about. No one ever wants to do the toilet, right?

During this Jimmy and I had continued where we left of from the night before, and he shared with me the notes he had written after hours. I found that this was a touching gesture. I keep these notes in my journal with me today – and I am happy to share them with you.


The tent is dry and the rest of my gear is packed up. A small shower passes over so I wait until that has gone before heading out. It was a little later start but it’s OK, it was going to be a short days ride.

I stop off at Ruby Beach for my first look at the Pacific Ocean Proper. Although the weather wasn’t great for taking photos (grey and gloomy) it was pretty beautiful sight. The rain forest was on the edge and there were stacks in the sea. This is what I would have expected based on my Google search before my trip, but to see it here in person was something else. I love the ocean anyway, so I was also just happy to see it, and feel the air on my face and deep in my lungs.


Although I could have stayed here a lot longer (I was also conscious I left the bike at the top of the stairs . . . not that anyone would nick it . . .I suppose) I made my way back on the road. I didn’t have breakfast at Jimmy’s so I was keen to find somewhere to stop and have some hot grub. I saw Kalaloch Lodge in the distance and slowed down. As I did so I saw some very familiar bikes. Oz and Paul were here! Hoorah – I had company again.


Of course I went inside and invited myself to their table. It felt like a long time since I last saw them, I mean, it was a whole days ride ago, but 24 hours isn’t that long I suppose. Oz bought me what was now lunch. He told me a story about a time when he was cycling around the UK. When in York, and camped out in a park, a gentleman bought him some lunch / dinner as a pure gesture of good will. This was a gesture he was encouraged to pass onto someone else. That someone else was me. I graciously accepted and promised to pass on also. We’ll come back to this in a later post.

We finished and I quickly stocked up on snacking supplies at the store next door. We saw another familiar set of bikes parked outside – Andy and Scott. Oz, Paul and myself left for Lake Quinault. It was great having them as company again on the road.

I have to admit, the rest of the days ride was pretty uneventful. Lots of rain forest and lots of chat.


We got to Lake Quniault at a good time and stoked up for dinner. I met some totally pleasant but somewhat cliched locals which as a tourist made me smile inside. It was  also the first time that we started seeing signs for “$900 million land grab”. We would see these for the next few days and we found out what it was all about. Essentially from what we can gather, there were government plans to extend the size of the Olympic National Park, which in turn adds restrictions onto the use of that land. Restrictions that are somewhat rubbing up the locals the wrong way (logging and ‘recreation’. These signs are very much in opposition to these plans.


We find camp, and it’s not raining so we are very happy indeed. This was, however the first time that I had the pleasure of reading the warning signs in camp about some local neighbours (Cougars and Bears). Although it was extremely unlikely for anything to happen, my imagination, especially as a foreigner from a country where there are no risk from any wild animals, easily got ahead of me. Every sound I heard was that of a huge bear.


I slept without any issue

  • You can find the route HERE

Cheers, Scott

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