Vancouver to San Francisco Tour 2016 – A Cycle Tour by someone who’s never cycle toured before – Day 14 – Sunset Beach, OR to Humbug Mountain State Park, OR

Somewhat more relaxed than I was the evening before I was ready for another day of cycling. I pumped up my tire again in the morning as it was looking a little soft and Jace and I were ready to go.

I knew that because it was a decent sized screw that went through my tire it was probably a good idea to get another tire, just in case. Along with that I needed a new pump. I was told that there was a decent bike shop in Bandon, so we made that a pre-planned stop., which looked like it would coincide with lunch – perfect.

I must have got stung somewhere on the ride today – I don’t react very well

The first task of the day however was to get out of Sunset Beach. Easy to say of course, we had the 7 Devils to contend with. The 7 Devils refers to 7 nicely sized hills on the same stretch. However because there are so many smaller hills and dips, you never know when you’ve crested a devil or not. Previous riders that brought chalk or a spray can left little reminders on the road to let you know where about on the ride you are . . . or to mess with you – “Devil 5 . . .not really”. Unfortunately I was concentrating on not collapsing so annoyingly I didn’t take any photos but I’ve managed to find some on Google. Thanks Google.


By this point in my riding career, I had started to like hills. I am not really sure why, but they required a lot of grind, and I appreciate grind in a ride. I have to admit, it was slow going, and there wasn’t much chatter. Every time you reach a crest, there’s another one not too much further in the distance. The road wound around the hills as well meaning the devils could hide. Pesky Things.


This road was pretty incredible actually. It was one of the longer stretches off the 101 of the ride so far, so it was extremely peaceful. There were hardly and cars to disturb us so we could take in the sights and sounds undisturbed. Again, it was an extremely warm day. This meant that the shade the trees gave us were extremely welcome. At the top of the hills there were breaks in the forest so we could see for miles.


It was about 24k before we got ourselves back onto the 101 and not so much further until we got to Bandon. Here we stopped for lunch and I found that bike shop. Although I had mostly forgotten about my wheel, there was a dormant anxiety that if anything happened again, I knew I didn’t have the tools to fix something as simple as a puncture. South Coast Bicycles were very helpful and everything was fine again. I pumped my tires back up again with my new pump, and then I sat the spare tire on the back, just in case my fix job on the current one didn’t hold. It looked pretty incredible, like a back bumper – nothing was going to take me out


Happier we marched on. We entered Curry County which got me very excited . . . however I didn’t see many Curry Houses. hmm.

Jace and I stopped off at Langlois. Here I can say that I have one of the best, and largest, ice creams I’ve eaten which I got from Langlois Market. Of course Andy and Scott were here. I saw that Scott had one and I couldn’t let him be the only Scott to enjoy such treasures so I got myself one too. I bought a double. My double was huge. I mean, the reason I got one because I assumed that Scott’s had to have been, how can that be a single? Because of the heat, it was already dripping down my hand, quicker than I could lick it off. I managed to finish it OK though

Feeling readily sick, we push on. I find myself in Denmark . . . although it’s warmer than it’s ever been on my 5 or 6 trips to THE Denmark. I sent the picture to my friend Peter. Clearly he appreciated the joke.

The picture I sent back to Danish Pete

The last leg of the trip took us closer to the ocean and then we got to Port Orford, we were back on the coast line. This was perfect because we got a nice headwind which although slowed us down, it also cooled us down. Port Orford was very pretty. We couldn’t help but stop for a while to take some photos.

A fantastic view of Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve, looking south from Port Orford

I am guilty of not taking enough photos on this trip. It’s difficult because you want to take a photo of everything meaning that we just wouldn’t get anywhere! Also there were times that I was just grumpy and in no mood for stopping, unrolling my pannier, getting off and then taking it. Hindsight is of course a beautiful thing – I just hope that I learn from it!

Bah Humbug. I was actually very happy, believe it or not

Soon enough we were on our way to camp. A somewhat hilly ride for the end of the day we ended at Humbug Mountain State Park. This by far one of my favourite camps on the whole trip. As the name suggests, there are ‘mountains’, which create a valley where the campsite is located. 5 minutes walk down the road is the beach. This place had everything that I needed. The camp caretaker was a very nice fellow, and we went up to the hiker biker site.

Jace looking ecstatic to be at camp

Becca was already there, Scott and Andy were to arrive a little later, and there were 2 new guys. One older gentleman was here on a short little tour, and we didn’t see him again after today, and another who didn’t look much like a tourer but touring nonetheless. I say this because he had a racing bike and was travelling LIGHT. A bivy bag to sleep in and couple of other bits but I can’t remember seeing any panniers. He was aiming to be in Mexico in about a weeks time – that’s a fast ride.

Jace braving the cold Pacific

Jace and Myself go down to the beach again for our regular ice bath. It was beautiful but windy. The sand that was hurled towards us by the wind felt like it was cutting straight through our legs. Scott wondered down, strutting his stuff like the film star that he is. His hair was flowing in the air. It was a thing of beauty, and he made that happen

Scott looking amazing on Humbug Beach

We had a little friend that joined us. A curious little fellow, the seal was bobbing up and down, wondering what all the commotion was on the beach. This wasn’t the first seal that we had seen but it was the closest we had been to them.


  • You can find the route HERE

Cheers, Scott

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