Iceline via Little Yoho Hike

Last summer, I spent a little time in the Canadian Rockies with my dear housemate from London, Loz. We had already taken in a couple of smaller hikes that would take a morning or an afternoon but now it was time for an all dayer. So we took on the Iceline trail via Little Yoho.

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Tolkien Country – Back-country Snowshoeing The Phelix Trail – Brian Waddington Hut

– March 25th and 26th –

We had dubbed this as the last backcountry trip of this winter in the knowledge that we wouldn’t be able to make it out as a group again for a while. It was made even more important for us having ballsed up the last backcountry trip (i.e. leaving it to the last minute). To prevent that happening again we had planned this 2 months in advance and so we were very much looking forward to it. Unfortunately the Dutch Waffle wasn’t able to make it at the last moment but it was going to deter Sam and I from being in the presence of Mount Gandalf, Mount Aragorn and Mount Shadowfax – the land of Tolkien.

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