Take a Hike Foundation – 13th Annual Moonlight Snowshoe

Snowshoe trips are awesome. They are cold. They are pretty. They get us into nature. Charity events are awesome too. They raise money for great causes in order to make this world a better place. How about combining the two? This is what I want to talk to you about.

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Sickness in the mountains – Listen to your body

Last August Maelys and I took our boots to Arnica Lake as we stepped into Strathcona Park for the very first time. It was a hike that had it’s ups and downs but we me made it through and we were stronger as a result. We weren’t supposed to be hiking to Arnica lake on Mount Phillips. We had originally planned to do Mount Arrowsmith … Continue reading Sickness in the mountains – Listen to your body

A Romantic Dinner up Black Mountain – West Vancouver

Maelys and I were planning on hiking / camping up Wedgemount Lake this weekend but we decided that seeing as it was cloudy and raining we should maybe try one that is a little less challenging so Garibaldi Lake was the option… We ended up kind of sleeping in and decided to do Garibaldi Lake as a day hike on the Sunday… We slept in and enjoyed the time together before she went back to Belgium for a couple weeks.

In the end we decided upon a sunset dinner up Black Mountain.

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