Hiking The West Coast Trail – 5/5

The usual morning routine. Breakfast and packing away camp. It was a beautiful morning as the fog still hadn’t lifted off the river. I was in better mood today but I think this was mainly because I know that today was the last full day. And tomorrow’s hike will be a short 10k. Perfect. I had also accepted that this was a heads down and destination based trip rather than focusing on enjoying the journey. This made it easier to enjoy.

Did I make it?

Vancouver to San Francisco Tour 2016 – A Cycle Tour by someone who’s never cycle toured before – Day 17 – Elk Prairie, CA – Eureka KOA, CA

This picture sums up exactly how I felt this morning.

It was cold. It was damp. And confusingly enough it was California. I hadn’t slept well and I was also hungry, so this may have clouded my judgement but . . .  I thought I left the wet in Washington, and the cold in . . . Europe. California was supposed to be warm. The OC, Baywatch, all the TV ads fail to tell you they are talking about Southern California. No one made this clear to me, or the rest of Britain, that not all of California is hot.

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