Paddleboarding – What is all the fuss?

Since being here in BC, I’ve been pretty active in the outdoors, trying to do as many hikes as possible, try new things and activities. I’ve been pretty open to anything but I realised this year when my girlfriend suggested we go paddleboarding, that maybe I’m not as open to things as I had once thought! I say this because I initially had the feeling … Continue reading Paddleboarding – What is all the fuss?

Paddling Indian Arm – Deep Cove, Vancouver

The Easter weekend was upon us, and I couldn’t get tickets to see Mastodon in Seattle so there was only one thing to do, and this was to paddle upĀ Indian Arm. I was first told about this place a few weeks ago and it just so happened that a friend of mine was looking for a 4th person.

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