Boys Trip – Elfin Lakes – February 2019

This was my first boys trip I’ve had in probably over a year. It was with a group that I’d never hiked with before, a mix of friends, and friends of friends.

Going on these types of trips with a group that you don’t know very well can have it’s problems. Group Dynamics always comes up in articles I read about trips – whether good or bad, and I was hoping that this one was going to make it a good trip. It worked out a treat

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Conquering The Squamish Chief Hike

Today we decided to head out a little further from Vancouver. We had been on the 3 main mountains of North Shore (Cypress, Seymour and Grouse) over the the last 3 weeks so we thought we should mix it up a little. So we challenged ourselves to take on the 3 peaks of the Squamish Chief Hike.

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